About Us

About Us

Welcome to KODEN India

KCK DENTAL (P) LTD now looks back on 20 years of successful history as a diversified international dental group. Over the years the product portfolio has been expanded continuously and it now contains a wide range of special purpose dental products, including KODEN premium orthodontic materials for the dental market. KCK is employing 70+ staffs directly and span all over India through our Channel Partners to support the dental end users.

KCK began developing and manufacturing orthodontic materials since 2010. Our philosophy of developing innovative dental solutions aims to make an ongoing and sustainable contribution towards offering top-quality dental products and state-of-the-art solutions for dentistry. Our innovative technological developments contribute to continuous enhancement of the dental market.

An important acknowledgement of this was currently experienced by our innovation team in 2020. KCK has co-partnered with SORTECH, Brazil, founded by a group of Orthodontists to introduce the double slot dental bracket system in India. Our products increase the efficiency of dental work and simultaneously allow optimal dental solutions. Also, we have launched KODEN Euphoria Series orthodontic brackets and imported pliers in 2021.

Through our Channel Partners, KODEN Orthodontics became a trusted brand among orthodontic practitioners in India and abroad Over the years “KCK” has earned itself a reputation of being one of the very few company’s in its field that delivers with honest, clear and consistent business practices. Our commitment to the Dentistry will continue.

“Satisfying Every Customer, Everyday


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To become a billion dollar company doing business in 101 countries by the end of 2031


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Satisfying Every Customer, Every Day

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