Ez Bond Kit Koden

Ez Bond Kit Koden

Ez Bond Light Cure Koden® Orthodontic Adhesive

Koden® Ez Bond Light Cure Orthodontic Adhesive is formulated by a unique chemistry which ensures a better adhesion to the dental surface. It has an excellent workable consistency which gives a worry-free practice. It does not require primer after using etching. This technology helps dental professional to etch and do the bonding straightway. It saves a lot time. The light curing adhesive further assist a dental professional to master the setting time to the material and install the arches straight after fastening the brackets. It comes with a fluorescent tracer and helps to remove the excess adhesive material. It is hydrophobic, it must be used on tooth which are totally dry, without the contamination of the saliva or oil of the jets, as this interferes with the adhesion to the enamel.

  • Light Cures in 20 seconds
  • No mixing required
  • No Primer required
  • Clean, Dry, Etch & bond
  • Matchless Strength
  • Helps to bond metal, ceramic & polycarbonate brackets

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