Self Ligating Bracket

Ez-Lock Self Ligating Bracket KODEN

Koden Ez-Lock self ligating bracket system is faster in treatment and is more comfortable for patients.

Koden Ez-Lock designed USA which uses a permanently installed,precise movable component to ligate the archwire. A simple locking mechanism located in the bracket face, which can be easily opened and closed.

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CERA LOCK-Ceramic Self Ligating Bracket KODEN

Koden cera lock ceramic self Ligating brackets is superior self-ligation technology with light force bio mechanics. This bracket system has an advanced aesthetics and superior performance in the tooth movements.

  • Passive system.
  • Made of poly crystalline bio ceramics.
  • Easy opening and closing
  • Highly polished and rounded edges.
  • Resistant to color fading.
  • Base is designed for an excellent bond strength.

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Ez-Lock+ Self Ligating Bracket KODEN

Koden Ez-Lock+ metal self ligating bracketsystem is made up of two-pieces brackets with a strong 80-gauge mesh. This system is constructed in 17-4ph stainless steel which make it superior in strength as well as durability. This system used a highly convenient shutter for easy opening and closing.

  • Passive system.
    Made o 17-4ph stainless steel.
  • Easy & Convenient opening and closing.
  • Low profile brackets with smooth and round edges for excellent patient comfort.
  • Laser welded 80-gauge mesh for excellent bond strength.
  • Equipped with vertical and horizontal auxiliary slots for better versatility.

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