Ceramic Series Bracket

Ceramic Metal Slot Bracket Koden

Koden metal slot ceramic brackets significantly reduces friction during sliding mechanics.

Which is made from clear polycrystalline alumina for a bracket system with the highest transparency available for ultimate in patient aesthetics and acceptance.

The mechanical lock base brackets offer superior bonding and easy debonding.

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Ceramic Basic Koden:

Koden presents a conventional orthodontic appliance made up of basic ceramic or white brackets that individually bond your teeth.

The bracket is made out of ceramic compound instead of shiny metal. Ceramic basic bracket is anti-allergenic and free from harmful metals.

These braces assure more pleasing look with good retention and consistent bonding. Koden is the right solution for your dental needs!!

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Ceramic Bracket Supreme

Koden Aesthetic Series Ceramic Supreme Bracket is made from high tensile and corrosion resistant stainless steel.

The brackets have an integral design with innovative base pad. We look up to patient’s comfort through rounded contours and super smooth edges.

Ceramic supreme brackets undergo an elaborate polishing process and electro finishing. Koden Ceramic supreme braces assure maximum quality and excellent results.

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Ceramic Brackets Premium Plus

Get ready to viualize simple innovation in ceramic basic bracket.

Ceramic premium is an advanced version of basic brackets. The premium ceramic braces look elegant on your teeth with a fully compound contoured mesh-base design.

The premium braces precisely connect with curvature of your tooth with excellent retention and strong bonding. Available premium ceramic brackets at affordable price only at Koden!!

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